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deisgn studio 13one6 hackney
24.9.09 -
My shared studio space is looking good.... nice and busy. I share the space with Kath a textile designer, Will Barras an artist/illustrator, She One an Artist, Dave the roofer an artist/bike maker and Steff Plaetz an artist/illustrator. Its a nice space and when everyones about its a good creative amosphere.

hand painted skateboards
22.9.09 -
Before I set up a new board I allways like to paint it in someway. I recently got a few old xbox boards from mr Weller so when I had a moment I set about doing a quick something on them....But this time round the paint on the xbox boards was so slick that my stencils pulled the paint back off revealing the old graphics below....whiuch i think sort of works...except the wrestler lost his hands and chest detail...

ben_wilson_design_brooks seesaw

ben wilson design brooks see saw
22.9.09 -
Helped out my good friend mr Wilson with a bit of test dummy work as we tested out his Brooks comisioned seesaw. It was made for the 100% design show thats on at the moment. Looks amazing and was pretty good fun to play on. See more at benwilsondesign.co.uk

single speed bicycle

singlespeed bike
22.9.09 -
Built up a single speed bike for the misus with the help of dave the roofer... The only requirements were everything white please... So got an old frame & forks sprayed and found the rest on ebay mostly. Pretty pleased with it and so is she!

whittstable beach huts

whittstable beach huts

whittstable beach huts
22.9.09 -
Spent a Saturday night down at my mate pauls beach hut in Whittstable Kent... back to the simple life with a bbq, wine and later a fire. An amazing place to get away from everything and pretty much only an hours drive

tonka toys beach buggies

tonka toys
15.9.09 -
Saw this Tonka collection at a bootsale out in Kent. pretty amazing...Love the beach buggies on the transporter. Was tempted...but the reality of storing it kicked in

mountain biking morzine
15.9.09 -
Went on my mate Matt's mountain biking Stag Party to Morzine in the French Alps. Had 3 amazing days of good weather and riding with only a few accidents. The views were stunning and the stag looked pretty good too in a handpicked fluro ensemble with tassles and spokey dokies to boot...

sleeping baby tiger thailand

baby tigers thailand

asain ronald mcdonald

thaland sky scraper

thailand cowboys in market
- Spent 3 weeks in thailand this August which was amazing... saw loads of good stuff... these are few iphone pics... thai cowboys, me feeding baby tigers at the tiger temple, cool metal sculpture in Bangkok, colour fade skyscraper in Bangkok and the classic Ronald Mcdonald with an Asian twist

homegrown vegetables hackney london
28.7.09 -
Latest garden produce... Beets,carrots,beans & mini toms. Have been eating and giving it away and the feedback is goood! As the Utah said "Next Level Veg!"

andy seize show graffiti painting london
28.7.09 -
Went to the Andy Seize solo show a few weeks back. Really like this cluster of canvases. Its a good show well worth a look you can check out his site here: http://www.andyseize.co.uk

Microsoft windows7 lounge
-Did a bit of Photoshop magic for a microsoft convention lounge thing...Took some pics of Ben wilsons patio doors and built up this window scene... Only got a phone pic of the final results :(

Hackney Studio space artists space

Hackney Studio space artists space

Hackney Studio space artists space

Hackney Studio space artists space

-Moving into a new studio space in Dalston this week. It needed a bit of work but its coming along nicely...more pics soon

hand made cat cube
-Made the cats this little shag pile lined cube and they love it

Ben Eine screen print
-Went to a Ben Eine screen print show a while back where he attempted the world record for most colours in a single screen print. He pulled 77 different colours in one print.... pretty amazing result

Road sign and jungle cat
-Hackney road sign and a rare jungle cat

Trees silhouette dusk
-Eucalyptus trees at dusk in the garden

Home grown garden peas hackney side
-Summer Harvest from the garden, super tasty... Peas are good... Peas are good!

hastings beach shot hot sunnny beach
-On the beach at Hastings got so so burnt....

NDSM Artists studios amsterdam
-Artists workshops/studios inside the NDSM Complex Amsterdam. I like this one made from old billboard hoardings. I want one please...

NDSM Cultral complex Amsterdam
7.4.09 -
Artists workshops/studios inside the NDSM Complex. Some amazing spaces here with each one being unique and I guess designed by its inhabitants.

Amsterdam skatepark NDSM
7.4.09 -
NSDM Skatepark Amsterdam - view of the street course with a bowl at the back. Hanging up in the rafters in this old warehouse full of artists studios...

Amsterdam suspended skatepark NSDM
7.4.09 -
Amsterdam Suspended skatepark in the NDSM complex. Its an amazing skatepark built up in the air of this old ship building warehouse.

shipping container homes amsterdam
- Back in Amsterdam for 4 nights. i think its one of my favourite cities... Lots going on and plenty to discover. Took a ferry out to a project called NDSM where an old ship building yard is slowly being transformed into a cultral complex with student housing like these old shipping containers and a massive warehouse full of artists studios featuring an amazing suspended skatepark complete with bar/cafe. Could this happen in London? Probably not!

- In amsterdam they make little disiplays in their windows. Pretty trippy I think... Very Amsterdam

- Part 2 of Amsterdam window displays - The mushroom with a scarf?

1.4.09 -
Bespoke storage for my favourite things... Vinyl, Books, Magazines & cat cubby hole

- Disguised agent of 13one6

graffiti bombing
1.4.09 - Rubbish graffiti

spring blossom
20.3.09 - Spring blossom. The seasons are changing and this is proof... summer is coming... yes yes

nike id mafs one
25.2.09 - A friend got me an appointment at the VIP Nike ID studio where I spent an hour designing these dunks. The colours and materials were all exclusive to the studio which is pretty cool. Heres the results 'THE MAFS ONE' Im well pleased with them!

nike id mafs one
25.2.09 - Silver flake detail and the paisley black fill....Hot hot hot

removal  van hand drawn type
25.2.09 - Amazing bit of typography... The M is quite special

lil man graffiti
25.2.09 - Creeper & Lilman E5 massive jump high!

single man dinner
25.2.09 - know your market

Ragga snowmanz dem
2.2.09 - Bulit this hustla of a snowman with Bella & Nelle next door - yeahhhhh yall

london garden snow scene
2.2.09 - Hackney snow scene

matt ollie royal oak
29.1.09 - Me getting my old bones up in the air at Royal Oak. (pic fraserCam)

fraser campbell backside tailslide
29.1.09 - Fraser Campbell beautifully executed backside tailslide. (pic naylorCam)

dog nuts
26.1.09 - Krispy Cream dognuts the greedy dozen.

booze eye view
26.1.09 - The bad bad booze and what he sees.

nike shoe ollie
22.1.09 - Nike concrete shoe ollie - Whilst lending a hand to paint the Nike space I jumped this giant concrete Nike. It took a while to get a good shot and we had to use the flash in the end. Nice one mr Elms for the pics.

nike space

nike space 2
17.1.09 - Roller fun - On Friday night popped in to see how mr Wilson was getting on with painting the Nike space ready for a Wilson Brothers instalation/shopfit. Decided to hinder progress with some impromptu roller letters and some b-boy freeezezzz...

handpainted letters
15.1.09 - Hand painted letters - Spray painted stenciled letters on canvas. Made for a childrens toy shop. Have been doing quite a few of these for birthday/xmas presents.

photoshoot shoot
15.1.09 - Photoshoot shoot - My digi cam shot (left pic) of the shoot on the right by Rebecca Pike. This was for the Xbox Campfire Sessions and took place in a small overgrown backgarden in Tottenham (cheers Rebbeca & Luke). Pics came out good though you would never know it was shot there...

Handpainted skateboard
15.1.09 - Up yours - Grampa Naylor at Xmas dinner with his own hand painted pro skateboard graphic.

cassete tapes
15.1.09 - Tapes - Cleared out the Office for New Year and came across a box of tapes. I can't seem to ditch them tho... They look wicked, maybe one day I will do something with them or at least mp3 them...

droog design
18.12.08 - Table instalation Droog Design Amsterdam - Blown glass onto a pine table

c215 stencils amsterdam

c215 stencil amsterdam
14.12.08 - Stencils Amsterdam by c215 - amazing